Federation of Leaders Academic Research and Education (FLARE) is a non-profit organization that uniquely identifies and enumerates the critical issues of the future education system and dedicatedly aims at bringing innovations in education pattern and teaching for thinking, skill development and creativity. It is a one of its kind federation that identifies, felicitates and promotes significant contributions of the individuals for their methodological approaches, thinking skills, research and the creativity as well for stimulating the development of a healthy education system.

We provide a platform to facilitate interactions among the academicians, researchers, institutions and the corporates to highlight and promote the best practices on Quantitative and Qualitative research methodologies. FLARE gives a platform to disseminate the systematic and strategic ideas for research-based education and discuss the implications and future potentials of the students. Focused on a country-specific development, interactive learning environments, cross-cultural projects and simulations FLARE advocates quality education through national and international conferences, workshops, seminars on issued related to education, research, entrepreneurship and skill development.

We identify, acknowledge and bring forth the outstanding contributions of a number of teachers, academicians and other educationists who have worked hard throughout their lives to bring quality and research-based education system into practice. FLARE regularly comes out with its publications that highlight the importance of education and research and the innovations required putting forth the recommendations from the education experts and researchers and delegates across the Globe.

Research being the backbone of all the inventions and innovations is important to address the critical issues in the process of future learning and teaching, facilitation and practice that is directly relevant to the advancement of thinking skills, creativity and knowledge. We acknowledge the efforts of all those researchers who were not in the limelight but have made major contributions through their research practices to bring innovations in the education system.

When we talk “Education” it is not merely about knowledge creation, research or just academics instead it is about promoting those activities of the individuals that aren’t noticed but have a role to play in seeking a healthy education.

FLARE identifies such individuals and introduces them to the world showcasing how important is their contribution. Assessing the various dimensions of education and the impact of technology and automation into it FLARE believes in bringing exemplary transformative practices, highlights the implications of research practices and suggests the various transformative visions.

To bring this big dream come to reality FLARE has already started its journey and seeks support from the leaders of the Education Fraternity i.e. the researchers, practitioners, educators and others.