FLARE being a self-supported non-profit organization believes that

“Education is the keystone in both personal enhancement and social progress” and so remains committed to the core values of:


We strive for excellence in all our educational pursuits through innovative thinking, effective governance, impactful actions and a strong financial foundation.


“We believe that our differences and similarities that exist are opportunities to strengthen the Education System.”

FLARE embraces and fosters all the aspects of educational diversity. We are committed to welcoming innovations and encouraging intercultural and international diversity to recognize and heighten the awareness of research -based education.


We celebrate innovations and deeply acknowledge the contributions of the highly experienced leaders in the education industry, the talented volunteers and the hardworking staff who help to achieve excellence in all the endeavours. FLARE recognizes and encourages the individual contributions for promoting both national and international education.

Ethics and Dignity:

FLARE is committed to the highest professional working standards incorporated with honesty, fairness and respect. We value the dignity of each individual and our conduct is based upon the mutual respect and integrity driven by the highest ethical standards.

We take pride in providing high-quality programs, products, and services.