FLARE offers a number of grants and awards for the teachers, schools, colleges, students and the community members. We duly recognize the efforts and initiatives of the contributors in the field of education and honour them with an individual as well as institutional awards. These awards solely aim at recognizing and valuing the consistent as well as innovations in teaching, Education, research and skill development. 

Through the awards, research grants and the scholarships FLARE encourages the individuals to bring change by going beyond the traditional boundaries of education because we believe that change is possible only if all the stakeholders involve themselves for the cause of raising awareness and promoting the importance of a global education system for developing a conducive and conscious learning environment. 

FLARE also offers scholarships to the meritorious student community for pursuing higher education, as we believe that quality education is the foundation of a better world. To support the high-quality research-based studies FLARE offers Indian researchers the opportunity to apply for research grants available from India as well as overseas. 

Each year FLARE tends to recognize all those individuals and the institutions that make tireless and outstanding contributions for the development of the education sector. These awards are the reflections of FLARE’s commitment to identify and reward the dedication of the individuals towards the goal of achieving a healthy educational ecosystem that promotes global education for the betterment of the world.

Your membership helps us to promote national and global education amongst our member schools, colleges and other educational institutions and we pay utmost gratitude for your support!