Every year FLARE recognizes the consistent efforts of the individuals towards the welfare of the student community by introducing the best practices of imparting and seeking research and skill-based education globally. FLARE recognizes these extraordinary contributions with its single highest honour i.e. FLARE Laureates. 

This honour may be given to the individuals who:

  • Established new standards of quality and quantitative education
  • Made breakthroughs in imparting research and skill-based education
  • Reassessed the previous methods and resulted in significant improvements
  • Discovering newer methods and techniques to foster international education
  • Provided impactful and sustainable recognition to the teaching profession
  • Introduced a new role model for the education system to develop the individuals as an asset to the nation
  • Encouraged the future generations providing them career guidance and promoting technical and professional education while laying a strong foundational base. 

The FLARE Laureate recognition is made at utmost discretion to the individuals who make both unique and profound impacts on the education system. Recognizing this never-ending contribution of the educationists worldwide FLARE has initiated this annual recognition to the exemplary contributions for the education community.