FLARE Scholarships are strong and enduring commitment to the undergraduate, postgraduate and the professional student education creating strong self-reliance along with uplifting and nurturing their capabilities. FLARE scholarships are the opportunities for the student community to offer wings to their dreams and become less dependent and self-reliant.

FLARE Scholarships tend to empower the student communities and promote their inclusive growth that is holistic, globally and socially uplifting that further compels them to emerge as significant contributors in the nation’s developmental story.

The recipients of the FLARE Scholarships serve as significant role models for the students and also promote and implement actions that assist the student community to understand the in depth context of their intended professions leading to the creation of healthy education model that supports the modern transformational ideas aligned with global initiatives.

FLARE Scholarships emphasize on the importance of high-quality education and are offered to the meritorious students every year in order to supplement the national growth.