The members of Core committees at FLARE are expected to actively participate in the work and give directions to the organisation, providing thoughtful input to all the core committee deliberations, and emphasize on the best interests of the organizations and committee goals instead of one’s personal interests.

The Core Committee at FLARE comprises of the members having years of experience in policy advocacy and education sector with a strong focus on internationalization of Indian Education.

Role of Core Committee 

  • The Core Committee is responsible for FLARE’s programmes at both national and international level. It suggests number of well-defined activities, keeping in mind the current issues that are relevant to the education sector.
  • Shares information regarding the thrust areas and suggests measures to fill the gaps, if any
  • Looks into the requirements of other members and fits in the skills of FLARE representatives
  • Reviews the plans of FLARE and accords approval before executing them

The Core Group of FLARE meets at regular intervals, though the FLARE Secretariat may also call up a meeting in an emergency situation for seeking the opinion of FLARE members on critical issues that require immediate action.