FLARE with its mission to provide an innovative educational environment, opportunities and experiences, sees the internationalization of higher education in India as the high priority along with nurturing the school education in India and promoting higher education in the country as well.

FLARE aims at providing platforms to foster the idea of Internationalization of Higher Education in India and discusses the possible paths towards internationalization. The trend towards the Internationalization of Higher Education has resulted in a genuine interest being shown by the stakeholders, education providers and the policy makers towards understanding its core importance and the pathways that lead to internationalization.

The leading education providers associated to FLARE have acknowledged the importance of strengthening the school education system, promoting the higher education and the internationalization of higher education in India and consider it to be the most eminent feature of creating a healthy educational system. This has enabled them to go ahead with making significant efforts towards internationalizing their educational institutions and also the policy makers, as well as the stakeholders, have taken initiatives to promote school and higher education in the country.

FLARE takes initiatives to propagate and highlight the researcher endeavours to let the education providers and the policy makers know about the mentioned pathways and initiatives that can be taken to internationalize the higher education in India. FLARE is making every possible effort to carry forward this unprecedented transformation in the Indian education sector with the promotion of higher education and its internationalization by disseminating the thought process, discussing the approaches with the leaders of the education sector and finding the ways to overcome the challenges concerning the internationalization of the higher education in India.