FLARE aims to provide leadership and promote the global education initiatives by helping the education providers shape and implement the agenda to achieve the Global Educational Excellence. FLARE stands committed to helping the student community as well as the leading education providers to achieve global competency and their highest potential via meaningful educational experience.

Our work accentuates the global dimension of enriching the teaching methods, Research and Learning via innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration. We make continuous efforts to disseminate the ideas that would exemplify and foster an attitude towards an education system that is imaginative, curious and dedicated to continuous and global learning initiatives.

FLARE is at the forefront of promoting international education and is thankful for the passionate support of its members i.e. the school groups, universities, leaders of the education industry, global network of schools and colleges, policy makers and others who remained associated with our objective to bring advancement and foster the global education providing diverse network, cutting edge ideas and promoting leadership practices, research etc. to make the student community globally competent.

Our initiatives towards Global Education has the core mission to:

  • Advocate and help in the implementation of study programs that help in the internationalization of education and prepares the students to be globally competent.
  • Identify and support the ideas that are relevant to promoting international education and research experiences.
  • Engage with the academicians, policy makers, leading educationists and the stakeholders to promote the idea of global educational excellence and bring the same into practice leading to the formation of a healthy educational ecosystem.