Leaders Conclave at FLARE is a day long annual event where all the leaders in the Global Education Fraternity i.e. policy makers, Chancellors and Vice Chancellors of the top national and International Universities, Key stakeholders, leading education providers, key beneficiaries and others come together to evaluate and discuss about the efforts made by the Higher Education Institutions in heading towards the Global education system.

The event promotes discussions about what all steps can be taken to improve the present education structure and what changes are to be introduced in the existing educational institutions to upgrade its ranks amongst the best of the institutions around the world. Experts from various schools, colleges and Universities in India and abroad throw light upon the dynamically changing needs of the Global education system highlighting the importance of Higher education in India and its internationalization.

The Leaders Conclave at FLARE emphasizes on various parameters that evaluate the educational institutions, as it is the need of the hour to improve the performance of the Indian Institutions both in national and International ratings. It is the unrivalled gathering of the delegates who talk of the calibrated performance indicators in a series of interactive networking sessions that take place at the conclave. The core mission of the Leaders Conclave at FLARE is to provide a unique platform to the education providers helping them to connect with education experts and take initiatives that would lead to internationalization and help them improve the ranks of their institutions on a global scale. It also facilitates the effective partnership building amongst the senior figures from the various schools, education suppliers and investors.