ENGAGE – Empowering Network of Government Schools And Growing Excellence

ENGAGE is a framework to run students empowerment programs in identified government schools with the help of partner private schools teachers or independent teachers. This will also empower government schools teachers through various activities/events/workshops and also ways to engage with private schools. Private Schools, which become part of the program, can act as HUB schools for training government schools teachers from the vicinity.

“Collaborate with the Stakeholders (Government and Private Schools) and support the teachers in their journey towards achieving excellence in schools through need-based interventions”

Key Pillars of the Program

  • Capacity Building/Professional Development
    Need based contextualized workshops/training programs/events to strengthen     teacher competency in designing engaging pedagogical techniques
  • Better Learning Outcomes
    Activity based, Student led, Exposure visits for better learning environment
  • PPP Model
    Effective PPP model for engaging Schools (Government and Private) and Industry Engagement
  • Engaging Stakeholders
    Unique models to engage with community, teachers, leadership and students

ENGAGE is a multi-stakeholders program and is implemented after adequate consultation. The students empowerment and capacity building programs/ teacher training sessions that are required will be determined by the situation analysis assessment of teacher competency levels across multiple dimensions and the selected interventions. The broad objective would be to empower government schools students and teachers with hands-on teaching-learning pedagogies and collaborative development of new methods teaching.