Ahmedabad University, in collaboration with the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego, has launched a Global Executive MBA Degree in Pharmaceutical Management to professionals employed in pharma and allied industries. The two-year management program is deeply rooted in the domains relevant to the Pharmaceutical, Biological and Life Sciences industry. Participants from Research & Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales and Marketing functions in the biopharma sectors will hone their leadership skills in this program, against the backdrop of prevailing regulatory landscape and emerging global trends in innovation and drug delivery.

There is an industry need to redefine existing practices, introduce new technology and models and cultivate a performance-driven culture that delivers improved quality of access, care and solutions. Keeping in view this industry requirement, Ahmedabad University has forayed in the executive education space with the launch of this Global MBA in pharmaceutical management

Who should attend this programme:

  • Pharma industry professionals with work experience of 6–9 years
  • Life Sciences professionals and pharma industry consultants
  • Professionals in biotechnology, bioinformatics, and healthcare industries
  • Promoters / Owners of pharmaceutical ventures
  • Pharmacists and medical practitioners

The programme is led by distinguished faculty from India and abroad, who have deep expertise in leadership and management, digital and medical technology, biological and life sciences, and the pharma quality and audit systems. The participants in the programme will learn how to develop excellence in strategy and leadership; align R&D and technology with commercial operations; build organizational agility, and achieve a comparative advantage through sustainable growth.

The programme curriculum will be delivered through a combination of Master Classes, Case Studies, Simulations, Collaborative Workshops, One-on-One Coaching, and Capstone Projects. The first batch of the programme gets underway on September 29, 2018. Details about the programme are available on the Ahmedabad University website.

Professor Pankaj Chandra, Vice Chancellor, Ahmedabad University, said, “Leadership entails building a culture of authenticity; assessing risk and addressing it; inspiring innovation in products, processes and practices; and understanding the expectations of stakeholders. Organizations need to train their employees to build such a breadth of capabilities, sometimes through experience and sometimes through formal programmes. The Global Executive MBA programme that we are offering will enable working professionals in the pharmaceutical sector to develop the next generation of action-oriented leaders, who understand the ethical expectations that societies have of them. The programme weaves an understanding of science, technology, and social impact, within a managerial framework.”

Professor Pradeep Khosla, Chancellor, University of California, San Diego, said, “In science- and technology-driven industries such as pharma, life-sciences and healthcare, the vantage points of competitive advantage are always dynamic and evolving. Companies are pursuing innovation and R&D with renewed rigor to reduce the lab-to-market journey in timely and effective ways. Astute leaders often make all the difference between success and failure for products, services, and companies. As India becomes a global pharma hub, it is imperative that the leaders, managers, and employees of companies in the sector sharpen their technological, scientific, and management acumen. Focused training programs like ours can help organizations build high-performing teams that will help them achieve global market leadership.”

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