FLARE invites all the policymakers, educators, education specialists and the stakeholders to come together and delineate the contemporary approaches of learning, teaching and governance of the school education systems with the objective to come up with ideas to raise the quality of schooling for all the learners.

This further leads to opportunities where the leading academicians, other educationists and the key stakeholders develop a shared educational understanding along with a commitment to the process of integration that leads to the formulation of joint plans and policies.

At FLARE we promote communication on school development and excellent teaching and that we invite the leading educationists to come together and outline the facts that what contribution or measures can be taken for making the school education better and inclusive and how can we support the teachers and school leaders and ultimately how to build the education systems that are equitable, more effective and overall efficient.

With a vision towards the creation of Global school education systems FLARE provides a platform where the leaders in the industry come up with developmental ideas and share the policy making practices the concern the leadership of the school education systems to promote both excellence and equity with emphasis to support the holistic development of both the teachers as well as the students. We encourage the multiple stakeholders to come forward and jointly initiate the improvement and development and response to the number of challenges in key areas of school education.

FLARE foresees to its goal of improving the learning process as well as the learning outcomes by maintaining a positive interaction between the stakeholders and encouraging the networking amongst them. This promotes a deeper understanding of the need for innovation and implementation of strategies that promote effective learning methods in the schools.