With its project AARC, FLARE helps the higher education institutions to improve and achieve the best performance evaluation through the process of Accreditations, Rankings, Ratings and Certifications at the global level.

The major purpose the Project ARRC (Accreditations, Rankings, Ratings, and Certifications) is to identify the weakness and strength of the educational institutions and help them improve their global rankings by suggesting them the remedial measures for their overall qualitative and quantitative development. It also aims at providing the facilitators and the key stakeholders with a suggested action plan towards achieving excellence in higher education beyond geographies.

Accreditations: FLARE helps the institutions of higher education to achieve the accreditations by the topmost recognized accrediting organizations. FLARE helps the institutions to come up with programs and unique ideas of promoting higher education that makes them eligible to get such accreditations. For an institution it is of utmost importance as it is a major factor that propagates that the institution provides a quality education.

Rankings: FLARE helps the institutions of Higher Education to identify the main parameters of ranking, puts forward the recommendations and outlines a methodology with broad understanding for them to broadly cover the aspects of higher education that helps them improve their Global rankings. These aspects may include research and professional practices, teaching, resources and learning, perception, graduation results, outreach and inclusivity.

Ratings: FLARE helps the higher education institutions identify the influential factors that contribute towards improving their global ratings. We help the institutions towards institutional capacity building and focus on learning methods that reflects the needs of the learners and showcases the current global trends in education.

Certifications: Global Certifications for the higher educational institutions broaden their recognisability to both the national and international students. FLARE helps the institutions to apply the transformational ideas and achieve these global certifications that offers them a platform for international competence in providing higher education opportunities.

This further reveals the diverse spectrum of higher education development at the global level to promote borderless higher education along with global job market and knowledge centred development. Higher education plays a role in the country’s socio-economic transformation and FLARE aims to promote the centric evolution of knowledge-based higher education with greater emphasis on employability skills. This reinforces the need for quality education as the global competition to the Indian Universities and colleges is something inevitable.