FLARE Research Grant supports education research that has the potential to create a notable impact on Global education and is rigorous, relevant, collaborative, equitable and transformative. We provide funding for education-focused research projects, research training fellowships and other educational initiatives.

FLARE maintains broad vision and ideas about the questions that educational research may ask, the theories it may employ, its approach, and the ways in which we may look forward to supporting it. We believe education research is important for improving education, making the education systems more equitable, uplifting and upgrading the educational standards and increasing opportunities to seek higher education across the world.

FLARE invests in the education research that aims at cultivating learning and transforming lives through high-quality innovative research. There is no minimum time commitment for the FLARE Research Grants but there should be demonstrable and satisfactory evidence stating that a reasonable amount of time will be spent while pursuing the proposed research topics.


  • The individual must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program
  • The individual must be on staff at a FLARE member institution
  • He/she should be capable enough to demonstrate the experience and academic background that confers their ability to complete the proposed research topic
  • He/ She should readily share the findings with FLARE and its current as well as future members

FLARE looks forward to learning about your innovative research ideas.