FLARE is a Section 8 Company, Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and comprises of a virtuous operational structure that assists the individuals and groups work together in coherence through hard work morals and approaches. The structure of FLARE being highly functional involves supervision, management, direction and allocation of responsibilities.

The structure helps in describing the responsibilities and tasks of the associates in the organisation. The major benefit of this functional structure is the quick decision making that let the members of the group interconnect effortlessly. Also since all the members of the organization have similar core interests and objectives the functioning becomes easier and efficient to bring quick changes and accomplishments.

Office Bearers

  • Director General
  • Founder President
  • President
  • Sr. Vice Presidents – Two
  • Vice Presidents – Five
  • Treasurer
  • Additional Treasurer
  • Secretary-General

Main Bodies

  • Member of Core Committee – Nine Members
  • Member of National Council – Twelve Members
  • Member of International Council – Twelve Members
  • Member of Advisory Board – Fifteen Members